His stepbrothers tried on the shoes. It didn’t happen. It wasn’t even at his feet.The prince
was very upset because there were only a few houses left that he did not visit. Just as she was
about to leave, the maid of the house caught her attention.”Ma’am,” the Prince said to
Cinderella, “would you just try?”“Is he going to try? Far from it!” cried the half-brothers.But
the Prince persisted. He didn’t miss what a beautiful girl Cinderella was. Of course, the shoe


fit Cinderella’s foot like a mold. While the prince knelt down and proposed to Cinderella, it
remained to watch the two half-brothers with anger and jealousy. Of course, Cinderella
accepted the Prince’s offer. Once upon a time, when a King and Queen had a daughter, they
held a feast in honor of this happy day. After the feast, the King told the people around him
how happy he was to be a father, because he and his wife had always waited for a child for
years. Then he made all the guests laugh as he told what happened to the baby when he was

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just learning to change his diaper. Then it’s time for the guests to give their presents to the
baby Princess. After everyone gave their gifts, it was the turn of the twelve fairies. “My gift to
the Princess is Happiness,” said the first fairy. The guests applauded with joy, and the King
was speechless. “My gift is Beauty,” said the second well. “My gift is Reason,” said the third.
Thus, eleven fairies gave their gifts one by one. The twelfth fairy was just about to give her
gift, when the whole palace was shaken by a thunderclap. The doors were wide open, and an
old woman shuffled in. Everyone who saw him closed their eyes in fear. “The thirteenth
fairy!” they shouted in unison. “No invitation for me, King?” said the thirteenth fairy from the
doorway in the voice of fear. “They must have forgotten to send you an invitation,” said the
King, grumbling. “Servants! Open another place at the table now! Quick!” In fact, the King


did not intentionally invite her, because there were only twelve golden plates for fairies in the
palace. He thought and moved and found the solution not to invite anyone. The thirteenth
fairy went to the little Princess’ swaddle. The baby said agu and extended his tiny hand
towards her. Then suddenly the fairy said, “My gift to the princess is that she dies on her
fifteenth birthday as soon as a spindle goes off her finger,” with a hideous laugh. With another
thunder, the evil fairy disappeared. The doors of the palace were then closed with a loud
noise. An eerie silence remained. Then the Queen began to cry. The twelfth fairy rushed
forward. “I haven’t given my present yet,” he said softly. “I may not be able to break the evil
spell, but I can change it. My gift, then, is to change the spell so that the Princess sleeps for a
hundred years, instead of dying when a spindle prickes her finger.” Years have passed. The


baby has grown into a healthy, beautiful, happy and smart young girl. The King and Queen
have long forgotten the evil spell. Anyway, all the spindles in the country were destroyed
when the Princess was a baby. The princess was safe for many years. But just on the day she
turned fifteen, the Princess discovered a door she had never noticed before. He opened the
door and found a winding staircase leading up. Climbing the stairs, he came to a door with a
golden key on it. When he opened the door, he saw an old woman operating something on
wheels in the small room inside. “What are you doing?” asked the princess. The old woman
smiled. “I’m spinning!” said. “Don’t stand there staring like that. Come, give it a try, come


on.” He stretched the spindle towards the Princess. At that moment, what happened. The
pointed end of the spindle sank into the Princess’s finger, and the Princess fell to the ground
immediately. Outside in the courtyard, the chickens have stopped cackling. Princess’s dog
couldn’t chase the cook’s cat. The pen fell from the hand of the King, who was writing his
daughter’s birthday invitation in the study. The stoves in the kitchen are incombustible. The
whole palace fell asleep. The years passed slowly. The palace is forgotten. But one day, about
a hundred years after the event, a handsome Prince was passing by. In the distance, a place
covered with thorny bushes caught his eye.



However, the leaves of the daisy were still standing. Daisy sees the bee again and realizes that she
is trying to find flowers to make honey. However, there was only one daisy left in the flower garden
that did not fade. The bee approaches the daisy to land, but the daisy prevents it. The bee, who is

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quite surprised by this situation, says to the daisy; – Why are you preventing me from being landed,
He says, I have to land on you so that I can make honey. In response to the bee’s words, the daisy
reminds the bee, who treated him arrogantly before, what they did to him. When the bee
remembers his mistake, he gets very angry with himself. Later, he apologizes to the daisy for this
wrong move. The bee, who made the

daisy very upset and mistreated due to its arrogance, became
dependent on the daisy in order to make honey. Accepting the bee’s regret and apology, the daisy
forgives the bee for what it has done. Forgiving the bee, the chamomile allows it to be placed on it so
that it can make honey. The bee, who is very happy with this situation, wants to realize the dream
that the daisy wanted from him before. He takes the daisy into the air to show the beauties of the


world. We will tell a story that is a very good lesson for your children. One day, a young man of
marriageable age had a desire to marry like everyone else. When he wanted to bring this issue to his
family, his father made the following speech to the boy: “Son, of course you can get married too. If
he brings me a piece of gold that you have earned with your own hard work, I will get you married

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immediately.” The boy smiled at his father’s words. What an easy thing to say, my father thought.
The next day, the boy fulfilled his father’s promise and brought that gold to his father. His father
threw this gold he had taken from his son into the river without thinking. After looking at his father
for a long time in surprise, the young man turned to his father and asked: “Daddy, I can get married

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now, right? “His father shook his head: “No, son. I told you to bring that gold with your own sweat
and effort, but you did not bring it with your own sweat, he told me that gold.” The next day, the boy
borrowed a piece of gold from his mother and took it back to his father. When his father saw the
gold, he threw it back into the river. The young man was very surprised and said: “Why are you doing
this, Dad, I still don’t understand, but I brought you a piece of gold and I can get married now.” The
father did not allow his son again and said to his son: “You did not earn this gold with your sweat,

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son.” The young man left his father for a long time. he thought. If he borrowed gold from someone
else and brought that gold to his father, his father would throw that gold back into the river, and the
young man would not be able to marry at this rate. Therefore, the young man decided to find a job
and earn that gold with his own hard work and sweat.Days passed, and the boy brought the gold he
had earned to his father. As always, his father took the gold in his hand and was throwing it into the
river when the boy excitedly grabbed his father’s hand. The boy cried out desperately:“No, dad, you

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can’t throw that gold into the river, I worked hard for that gold for days and said, I brought you that
gold.” The boy’s father put his hand on his son’s shoulder with a big smile on his face: “Son, you can
get married now because you know the value of this gold you earned with your sweat. and you will
spend this gold without splurge.” In this story, we clearly understand how valuable the hard-earned
gold is and that we should spend it thinking about the hardships we go through without splurge.
Stories usually describe events that are real or very close to reality. Although the stories first
emerged with the epics written, they have undergone many changes over time and have survived to
the present day. It was possible for the stories to become a literary text in the 19th century. In these
works, the human being is always in the foreground. There is a narrator who narrates the events and
situations. All the events in the stories take place in a certain time period and in a certain place.
Although today’s story types are written in a very short way, they are very intense works in terms of
narration. Stories can be written on many topics. All stories have a main idea and tell readers
something. They are loved by such readers because they are from life. A man was walking by the
ocean in the morning. Suddenly, he saw thousands of starfish wash up ashore. As he got closer, he
noticed a boy. The boy was taking the starfish one by one and taking them back to the sea.


Blue tick

The blue tick is used as an indicator of the authenticity of accounts that are well-known by many on social media platforms. There are certain criteria for the feature, which is undoubtedly used as an indicator of prestige in the social media environment day by day. Twitter has announced the criteria for who can get the blue tick approval with an update.

Twitter shared the update on its information page.

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Social media platform Twitter shared an update on the criteria for getting a blue tick on its information page. The platform, which used to be very stingy for the badge, has recently been able to give it to the accounts that want it after a number of reviews. Twitter has clarified its verification rules and updated the list of criteria for getting a blue tick.

In the update it shared, Twitter listed the 3 most important criteria for blue tick approval as original, well-known and active account. In its update, the platform shared the steps required for individual account types such as active public figures, government agencies, news organizations, journalists and entertainment. Verifying identity is the first step to get the badge. The platform has specified 3 methods for this.

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Official website representing your Twitter account
Photo of an official identification document, such as a driver’s license or passport
An official email address with a domain related to the reputation category
Twitter has also listed which accounts are not eligible for a blue tick.

Parody, commentary and fan accounts
Accounts that seriously violate Twitter policies
Pets and fictional characters unless they are directly linked to verified business accounts
Accounts of individuals or groups linked to coordinated harmful activities or hateful content. In its update, Twitter also included information on the conditions under which the badge of the accounts that received the blue tick badge can be withdrawn. The platform said that they can remove the blue badge without any notice from accounts that are found to be seriously and intentionally violating the Twitter Rules. Here are those violations;

Impersonate or deliberately mislead people by changing your screen name or personal information on Twitter.
Serious violations resulting in immediate account suspension.
hate behavior
abusive behavior
glorifying violence
social cohesion policy
Confidential information policy
Platform manipulation and spam policy
What do you think of the Twitter blue tick update? Please share your views with us in the comments section.


Mac Products

Apple has announced its fourth quarter results. The technology giant increased its revenues and reached new consumers in important items. Despite all this positive news, Apple is facing a major supply problem. The chip crisis after the pandemic that hit the whole world affected the entire technology world. Apple also announced the big loss of revenue with its fourth quarter results. Apple, which broke all the rules with the M1 Mac introduced last year and entered the market with its own processor, seems to have paid off for this move.

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Accordingly, the company brought its revenue from Mac products to $ 9.18 billion with its fourth quarter results. This is Apple’s biggest revenue ever from Mac products. Again, the 21.4 percent increase in iPad revenues is also important in this respect. Apple services revenues also increased by 18.8 percent in the fourth quarter. Although these figures are positive for the tech giant, the company grew less than economists’ forecasts. Tim Cook, on the other hand, announced that despite this growth, disruptions in the supply chain negatively affected Apple revenues.

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Accordingly, with the supply problem, Apple suffered a huge revenue loss of over 6 billion dollars.
Despite this huge loss, Apple revenues rose 29 percent in the fourth quarter. However, it was also revealed that the company reduced its profit margins in order not to reflect the supply problems to the consumer. Accordingly, Apple profit margin decreased by 1.1 points throughout the company and stood at 42.2 percent. On a product basis, the profit margin decline was at the level of 1.7 points and decreased to 34.3 percent.


Chip supply is one of the leading supply problems affecting industries such as smartphones, laptops and of course automotive. Especially in the automotive industry, a big chip problem that has not been overcome since 2020 continues. A big logistics problem originating from the Asian market is also affecting the technology world. Although the pandemic conditions have softened in India, Taiwan, China and Japan, these countries still have not returned to normal.

Scientists have announced that they have discovered a new human species. Researchers continue their discoveries that will shed light on human history. In a new study, scientists announced that they had reanalyzed ancient fossils found in Africa and Europe.


As a result of their analysis, the team found that a skull found in Ethiopia belonged to a different human species. Scientists named the species they discovered Homo bodoensis. In addition, the researchers explained their findings about the fossil.
Examining the skull discovered in Africa, researchers noticed that the species was different from those previously discovered. Researchers believe this skull belongs to a direct ancestor of modern humans. However, scientists named the new species Homo bodoensis. They announced that Homo bodoensis lived in the Middle Pleistocene period, about 500,000 years ago.


According to the Daily Mail, researchers from the University of Winnipeg said that this discovery will provide new information about the Pleistocene Era. There is very little information about human evolution in that period. This newly discovered human species could complete a missing link.
The researchers reassessed existing fossils from Africa and Eurasia that date to the Middle Pleistocene period. These fossils were generally identified as either Homo heidelbergensis or Homo rhodesiensis. However, recent DNA results showed that some fossils identified in Europe as H. heidelbergensis were actually the first Neanderthals. In addition, the fact that African fossils from this period were previously identified as both H. heidelbergensis and H. rhodesiensis confused things.

astro reflections

In the new study, scientists found that a skull discovered in Bodo D’ar, Ethiopia, was neither H. heidelbergensis nor H. rhodesiensis. He realized that he belonged. The team suggests it’s an entirely new type of human being. The team named the species H. bodoensis, naming it after where the skull was discovered. Also, very little is known about this new human species yet. However, researchers think that H. bodoensis is short in stature to conserve heat in colder climates.


Males are probably about 1.75 cm tall, while females average 157 cm. By the way, males have an average weight of 64 kg, while females weigh 50 kilograms.
The species went extinct about 200,000 years ago, long before modern humans migrated from Africa. Scientists have been chasing these species for many years. There are still many gaps in human evolution. Research continues to find the findings of these periods.


Kelleci Bay

The bay, whose real name is Kelleci Bay, is located right across Suluada. Apart from being a stopover point for tours, there is also a story of the sheep, which attracts the attention of archaeologists.

About 40 years ago, American archaeologists came to Kelleci Bay with the aim of carrying out the first underwater archaeological excavation in the world’s history and finding the Gelidonya Shipwreck. The bay, which has been the center of archaeological diving for many years, has become a base for American divers. For this reason, it has been called the American Bay since then.

Land access is blocked due to the rocks around the bay, which is 1 hour away from the Gelidonya Shipwreck. There are cliffs rising in the form of walls in the bay. The importance of these rocks is the fresh water source on them. The source provided water to the divers and archaeologists who camped in the area during the archaeological excavations, while also washing and desalinating the artifacts unearthed under the water.

As a result of the excavations, the Gelidonya Wreck, also known as the Phoenician Wreck, which was unearthed in 1960 and known to be from the Young Bronze Age, is now exhibited in the Bodrum Underwater Archeology Museum. Diving activities are also carried out in the American Bay, where beautiful shades of green and blue meet. You can contact the dive centers in Adrasan and Olympos and dive here.

American Bay is not included in the itinerary of every tour. If you want to come here, we recommend that you consider whether it is on the route when deciding on the tour you will choose. Like other bays, one of the most popular and one of the bays that can be included in your route depending on the tour you choose is Ceneviz Bay. At the foot of Mount Musa, facing the open sea, the bay is also called Porto-Geneviz Bay. Although construction is prohibited in the bay, which is located in the Beydağları National Park and is a natural protected area, unfortunately the prohibitions have been violated and this cove, which is a natural wonder, has been touched by human hands.

It is possible to camp in the cove, which has makeshift houses and living families. However, the most common complaint, especially by the people of the region, is that those who camp in Genoa Bay leave all their waste in the bay. Isn’t it ironic that these people, who supposedly love nature and camp to be alone with nature, do the worst harm to nature? There is a fresh water source for those who want to camp in Ceneviz Bay, but it takes about 5 hours to reach the bay on foot. It is not possible to reach the cove, which you can only reach on foot and by boat, by vehicle.

The castle ruins on a slope of the bay caused it to be called Porto-Geneviz Bay. It is known that the Genoese established trade colonies on the Mediterranean and Black Sea coasts in the 11th and 15th centuries, built castles or repaired the castles there. It is also possible to see the bay called Liar Bay just behind the Ceneviz Bay. Boats can also come here. Liar Bay and Genoese Bay are on the back row. If you are lucky, you can see Mediterranean Seals and Caretta Caretta turtles in both bays.

What makes Ceneviz Bay so popular among other bays is the mud found in the inner parts of the bay, which is believed to beautify… It is not known how much the mud beautifies, whether it benefits the body, but it is definitely a good marketing strategy…

Since the cove is surrounded by rocks on both sides, it has clear water without waves. You will be fascinated by the blueness of the water, and you will want to jump right in. But if you are going ashore, you should remember that there are pebbles. A pair of sea shoes that you will take with you will make you comfortable.

Forforlu Cave, which emerged with the merging of red pines and magnificent cliffs, is approximately 40 meters long. Tour boats enter the cave accompanied by lanterns. It is also possible to enter the cave by swimming through the rocks, but swimming is prohibited during the breeding season of the Mediterranean Seals. Inside the cave, there is also a small area such as a sandy room where you can stand.

This name was given because the rocks forming the walls of the cave are covered with phosphorus and shine brightly. We recommend that those who are afraid of closed spaces and the dark do not go, and do not choose the tours that include the cave in their route. However, the Phosphorus Cave, which is also very valuable geologically, is a place worth seeing. Particularly in the evening, you should join the tours specially organized here and see the awesome glow in the dark. One of the most important but lesser-known places in our country that adventure lovers should definitely explore is the Phosphorus Cave.



You will reach Suluada after approximately 30-40 minutes by boats departing from Adrasan. The first stop in Suluada will be the point where the healing water of Suluada, which is a natural wonder, comes out. This water, coming from the Taurus Mountains, comes to the surface over Suluada, which is 15 kilometers away from the land, by the path it finds under the ground and under the sea. Fresh water in the middle of the sea…

The water, which has been used as a source of fresh water by sailors in the region for years, is believed to be healing. The taste of the water, which is said to be good especially for those who have kidney stones and other kidney ailments, is quite good and makes you relax under the heat of Antalya, as it is ice-cold.

The healing water comes out of a region on the island where there are cliffs. Boats dock at the rocky part, but during peak periods, 10 boats can dock at the same time, which can cause a minor confluence. To reach the healing water, you first have to swim in the sea and walk on the rocks. As the sea is deep and the rocks can be dangerous, we recommend that those who cannot swim should not try to reach the water. It is a good idea to take a pair of sea shoes with you to move comfortably on the rocks. You can also take it with you when you reach the water, do not forget to take an empty bottle for this.

Another stop of your Suluada boat tour is Suluada Front Beach, one of the two beaches in Suluada. Boats anchor at Suluada Front Beach and take a break of approximately 2-3 hours. The sea is a bit choppy on this windy beach of Suluada. The boats can change the break time here according to the wind and wave conditions.

When you come to the beach, the first thing that welcomes you will be the blue waters, the color of which you cannot believe. There may even be those who scream with excitement, do not be afraid. Of course, there is only one reason why the water looks so turquoise and that is the white sands! If you are wondering how he can be so white, his explanation is as follows:

Suluada, which is a natural reef region, is one of the richest regions of Turkey in terms of biodiversity. Apart from the rock structure containing calcium carbonate, the sands look so white thanks to the microorganisms called Foraminifera that live on the sands. Suluada, which is not allowed to be built on, is an ecologically well-preserved region. However, the fact that it has become very popular in recent years is very worrying about the deterioration of the natural structure.

At Suluada Front Beach, you can enjoy the sun and the deep blue view by throwing your towel on the white sands. After the swimming break at the front beach, your next stop is Suluada Back Beach, which is located behind Suluada and is more secluded, without wind and waves. What we said about the front beach, a blue sea that you can’t believe the tone of, and white sands will be waiting for you here as well. Since Suluada Arka Beach is located in the interior, it does not get wind and provides a great swimming pleasure thanks to its stagnant water.

Moreover, thanks to the white sands, you can easily watch under the water, you should definitely take your goggles with you when you come to the beach! Due to the lack of wind, a lunch break is also given here. Diving in turquoise waters, sunbathing on the white sands, taking wonderful photos, and feeding yourself with Mediterranean fish, here is a lot of beauty waiting for you at Suluada Arka Beach… Boat tours in Suluada have more than one route. All boats stop at Suluada, but they have different routes for other bays. One of the bays that can be included in your route according to the tour you choose is Hacivat Bay.

Enjoy the deep waters in Hacivat Bay, which has a perfect turquoise hue, or just watch the beauty of the landscape. After Suluada, you can be sure that you will see the most beautiful turquoise color among the bays in the region. Due to the cliffs on the shore, the boats anchor in the open and take a swimming break. Hacivat Bay is not on the route of every tour, if you want to come here, do not forget to consider this detail when choosing your tour!

The bay takes its name from the fact that the rocks on the shore resemble Hacivat’s hood. In the bay, which has a depth of at least 10 meters, you have the chance to see many species of living things, from various fish to sea plants. Of course, goggles are a must for this! You will be impressed by its smooth, deep and clear waters…



We have added a new one to our bushcraft training/activity campsites across Turkey. In the first 5 days of our 15-day activity, we wanted to share with you the setup of our campsite, the construction of our bushcraft long-term shelter, and the pleasant time we spent.

You can watch the detailed construction story of this shelter, which we have shared before, in this video. Bushcraft can be described as the discipline of sustaining life in nature. It was very popular for a while in Canada, England, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, and even transformed into sports and cultural activities.

In fact, when we look at very old times, we see how our ancestors survived in the most primitive conditions in nature and how high their hunting skills were. We call bushcraft the ability of our ancestors to develop these skills and survive in the most primitive conditions.

Bushcraft discipline both adds cultural value to people and develops their personal skills. WildPeace Survival & Bushcraft Academy, which has a serious education staff in Turkey, provides serious training on the discipline of survival in nature. By participating in these training programs, you can improve your skills and set your own limits.

Known as “Turkey’s Maldives”, Suluada is a Mediterranean island located in the Kumluca region of Antalya. It is approximately 7 kilometers from Cape Gelidonya, the westernmost tip of the Antalya Bay. This hidden paradise, which is little known even by the people of Antalya, has the most beautiful turquoise waters you can see in the Mediterranean. Transportation to the island is provided by boats departing from Adrasan and Olympos. You can reach the island by joining the daily Suluada boat tours or by private boats that you can rent for yourself.

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To go to Suluada, you must first go to Adrasan. The distance between Antalya and Adrasan is 94 kilometers, your journey will take an average of 1.5 hours by car. Apart from your own vehicle, you can reach Adrasan by using the Çiçek Tour minibuses that depart right next to the Antalya Bus Terminal.

If you have come to Antalya by air, you must first go to Antalya Bus Station. For this, you can use HAVAŞ services, trams or municipal buses. Afterwards, you can reach Adrasan by using the minibuses departing from the bus station in the direction of Kumluca. If you do not want to use public transportation, you can purchase a private transfer service from Antalya Airport or rent a car and reach Adrasan in approximately 1.5 hours.

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You have no choice but to join a boat tour to discover Suluada, the hidden paradise of the Mediterranean, and the untouched coves around it. You can rent a private boat just for you, or you can join daily boat tours. It is up to you which one to choose according to your budget. The headquarters of the companies that organize tours are located in Olympos and Adrasan. Boats usually depart from Adrasan Port, but there are also special tours departing from Olympos.

If you want to participate in boat tours in Suluada, you should definitely decide which tour you will join 1 day in advance and make a reservation.

If you are staying in Olympos, depending on the company you choose, transfer service from Olympos to Adrasan can be included in the tour price. If it is not included, you must first go to Adrasan Port for the tour.

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Tours generally depart from Adrasan at around 10.00 and return to Adrasan at around 18.00. Lunch is also provided on tours. The menu includes sea bass, sea bream, chicken, pasta and salad. Tea, biscuits and fruit are also served throughout the day. Drinks are charged extra.

The cost of boat tours in Suluada varies between 70-120 TL on average. The price determiners are the dates, density, food options, transfer and guide service. If you want to rent a private boat for yourself, the cost is around 400-600 TL.

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Boat tours departing from Adrasan first stop by Suluada and then to the untouched, blue Mediterranean coves in the vicinity without land access. The cost of boat tours in Suluada varies between 70-120 TL on average. The price determiners are the dates, density, food options, transfer and guide service. If you want to rent a private boat for yourself, the cost is around 400-600 TL.


Camping Equipment

In the Yedigöller national park, wood is sold in the areas designated for the campfire. However, if the contracts of the markets are over and they do not have wood, unfortunately, it becomes very difficult to find wood. You can get your wood from the fallen trees with the help of a camping saw. However, since Yedigöller is in a region that is very suitable for precipitation, there will probably be age on these fallen trees. If you are coming with your vehicle, make sure to keep dry wood in your trunk. In this way, you can light the fire and dry the wet wood. If you are looking for information about the camping saw you will need to cut dry trees, you can read our article “Camping Equipment”.

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Campfires in Yedigöller are not allowed in all regions. Generally, you can light your fire in the cans given by the officials or left to the environment. Ground fire is strictly prohibited. You can also light your materials such as camping stove and camping tube after 19:00 in the evening. Do not forget that Yedigöller is a natural habitat. The slightest mistake you make during the campfire here can cause serious damage to nature and the animals living here.

We can say that the most suitable region for the Yedigöller camping area is the area close to the forest at the back of Büyükgöl. Since people are usually busy setting up their tents just around the lake, this area remains quite empty. The most important factor in choosing this area should be the balconies. In some regions, the plains formed on the gentle ramp are like the balcony of the forest. By setting up your tent on these balconies, you can stay away from people, as well as watch the view of the lake without being blocked, and experience the peace with all your feelings.

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In the same way, there are also such regions around other lakes. To identify these areas, all you have to do is walk around a bit. After determining the most suitable area for you, you can easily set up your camping tent.

Yedigöller Campground – Water, Toilet and Electricity Needs There are plenty of fountains near the Yedigöller campground where you can meet your water needs. You can get as much water as you need from these fountains. The toilet is very close to your campsite. Since Yedigöller is very busy during the day, you can wait in lines here and encounter some unhygienic events. In the evenings, you can meet your needs without waiting in line. However, when you go with you, be sure to bring your supplies such as liquid soap and napkins. Otherwise, you may experience problems.

Unfortunately, there are no panels for electricity needs. You can charge your phone by asking the businesses around or from the sockets in the toilets. However, you should always have a powerbank with you just in case. Yedigöller is a natural habitat. Hunting of animals is strictly prohibited here. Therefore, many kinds of animals can be found in the environment. However, animals generally stay as far away from human, fire and light areas as possible.

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After midnight, to satisfy my curiosity, I dived into the forest with my camp mate and took a night walk. In the meantime, although some small animals appeared before us, those who saw the light were already running away. After we had taken quite a distance, we started to hear soft humming noises in the depths of the forest, and we turned back. But to hear these sounds, we traveled a distance of about half an hour from our campsite. So the animals will not come easily. Animals such as Fox and Jackal may come close, but they are absolutely harmless. They do nothing but frighten you with their voices alone.

We were lucky again in this regard that we saw an otter in the lake. The night water came out of it and scared us a lot. But when you stay calm and act rationally, there is nothing to be afraid of. Yedigöller National Park is located in the Western Black Sea region, north of Bolu, south of Zonguldak and east of Düzce. There are several different ways to reach this region. As there is transportation from Bolu Mengen district, transportation can be provided by Yeniçağa and other separated roads. You can find out the answer to the question of how to get to Yedigöller in the next statement.

The answer to the question of how to get to Yedigöller may actually vary depending on your location and the route you will follow. If you are setting off from Istanbul, you can continue until the Bolu signboard, and after entering the Yeniçağa turn, follow the Mengen road to reach Yedigöller. There are other routes and roads. However, these ways are not very good, but not very reliable. As someone who has used these ways, let’s not mention that we try not to deviate from the normal way as much as possible.



In this article we have compiled for those looking for information about the Yedigöller camping guide, you will find answers to many questions such as Yedigöller camping fee, Yedigöller National Park Trip and Yedigöller Tent Rental.

Bolu Yedigöller National Park was declared as a national park in 1965. In this 2.020 ha area, there is a breeding station for trout, endangered roe deer and deer. Yedigöller, which is home to many animals in the name of natural life protection, is very popular in the spring and autumn seasons.

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There are 7 lakes in Yedigöller. These are with their names; Büyükgöl, Serin Lake, Derin Lake, Nazlıgöl, Küçük Göl, İnce Lake and Sazlı Lake. You can camp in the best area suitable for you around the lake sides. So, what should we pay attention to when camping in Yedigöller? Let’s examine it together.

When we search the internet for the Yedigöller campground, different experiences and lots of photos come out. However, there are problems about which lake these photos belong to. In order to prevent this, a brief description of the lakes and their evaluation in terms of their suitability for your Yedigöller camping tour activity are made in the explanations below. Now it will be easier to find the lake and location you want while camping.

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The largest of the lakes in Yedigöller National Park is Büyükgöl. The deepest part of Büyükgöl is 15 meters. It is used for breeding live trout in Büyükgöl. The first live trout breeding station in our country was established here in 1969.

Büyükgöl is the most striking one among other lakes with its view. The majority of those who want to make a camping tour in Yedigöller camp around this lake. However, you may have difficulty finding a flat surface because the ground is uneven and the interest is very high. For this, you can try to find suitable areas for camping by wandering around Büyükgöl.

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Derin Lake, located in the southeast of Büyükgöl, is 20m. It is connected to Büyükgöl with its long flowing part. Angling can be done for a fee in Büyükgöl and Derin Göl each year in May and September. Büyükgöl and Derin Lake are preferred for those who will camp in Yedigöller national park during these periods. In this way, you can both do angling among the unique natural beauty and have a nice camping activity.

The lake with the widest plateau is Nazlıgöl. Nazlıgöl is also called “Şafall Lake” because the copious amounts of water leaking from its bottom rise to the surface and form a waterfall.

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Nazlı Göl takes the first place in the search for the most suitable camping area in Yedigöller. This region is quieter and more peaceful than other lakes. It is a very suitable camping area where you will experience nature, unique forest scenery and silence together. You can get the opportunity to protect yourself against the cold by entering the light forest around the lake.

Yedigöller is home to a wonderful view in autumn and spring. While the hues of autumn and thousands of leaves falling around are flying in the sky with the wind, 40 shades of green in spring fascinate you. While autumn is the ideal time between October and November, the spring time April is quite suitable.

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Since Yedigöller is located in the Western Black Sea region, the winter seasons are quite rainy and cold. The roads closed in winter and the curved mountain road make it a bit difficult to reach here. But let’s not forget that Yedigöller looks great with its white dress in the winter season.

The Yedigöller camp fee above is based on seasonal prices. If the prices are updated additionally, it can play a difference between 3 and 5 TL. Considering the many camping areas, the Bolu Yedigöller camping fee is actually more affordable than many camping areas. In addition, there is no parking fee for the people who will be camping.

It is collected at the entrance of Yedigöller, as well as by an officer who sometimes happens to your tent. After making the payment, you will be given a receipt. By keeping this receipt, you can show the receipt that you have made the payment to other future attendants. It is also useful to point out again that;

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Bolu Yedigöller Camping Fee is collected according to the number of tents. If you want to be in a tent, you can be 10 people, but the amount you will pay is 25 TL for students and 14.5 TL for students. Therefore, do not go 10 people and set up 10 tents. You can reduce the price per person by setting up as few tents as possible.

Unfortunately, Yedigöller camping tent rental service is not available. For this reason, people who will camp in this region should bring their own tents. Let’s go and see, let’s see if we like it, don’t think that we can find a tent and stay and regret it later. You should definitely put your tent in the trunk of your vehicle in case you go to this area.



Returning to nature is one of the greatest favors you can do for yourself when you feel tired and need rest all year after the crowd of the city, work stress, traffic. With its abundant oxygen, calm atmosphere and locations that dominate all shades of green, forest hotels welcome their guests in all four seasons of the year, although spring and summer months are more frequent. malla espaldera

These facilities, which only serve with bed, bed and breakfast, half board and full board service options, can also be facilities of different sizes as well as options that provide camping services. In the middle of a lush forest, bungalow hotels offering accommodation in cute houses in harmony with nature await their guests for a real nature experience. You can evaluate the accommodation opportunities in forest hotels and bungalows with only bed, breakfast and half board service options, surrendering yourself to the healing power of nature, and get rid of all your stress. sekurigi

If you want to experience an accommodation experience intertwined with plenty of oxygen and lush nature by going to Ayder Plateau, a piece of heaven in Rize, Ayder Selale Mountain Houses will be pleased to welcome you. Providing service in bed and breakfast concept, the property provides the comfort of home to its guests in 15 bungalows. Offering many activities such as live music, fishing and canoeing, the property is home to a perfect nature holiday.

In Sapanca, the most visited point of Sakarya during nature holidays, you can choose Gönül Sofrası Bungalow Hotel to immerse yourself in the peaceful arms of nature. The property, where you will have a unique experience in the winter months in its bungalows with fireplace, and in the four seasons of the year in other accommodation options, serves in a bed and breakfast concept and has an outdoor swimming pool for you to cool off in the summer months.

Providing service in Polonezköy, one of the most preferred spots in Istanbul for nature holidays and weekend getaways, Kulindağ Mountain House welcomes its guests with its natural houses built entirely of wood in a lush forest. Offering a bed and breakfast concept, the property has an a la carte restaurant for you to taste the most special flavors throughout the day.

Welcoming its guests in Bayramiç, Çanakkale, Hilal Doğa Hotel promises both health and peace with its unique concept in the heart of nature. The alkaline thermal water of the facility, which welcomes its guests in 25 wooden houses, is used in the treatment of various ailments. There are 4 private family pools and 4 SPA areas within the facility.

Denizli Bağbaşı Plateau and Bungalow Houses, which you can choose for a real nature holiday in Pamukkale’s Bağbaşı Plateau covered with lush forests, draws attention with its peaceful atmosphere and a landscape resembling a painting. The property, which has 30 bungalow rooms, welcomes its guests in half board concept. If you like to spend time with nature but want to evaluate accommodation options with luxury facilities, it is recommended that you choose among the facilities that are located in the forest but do not look for luxury hotels in terms of accommodation services. The facilities, which stand out with their stylish and comfortable rooms, offer their guests the opportunity to enjoy nature without experiencing the harsh conditions.

Providing service in Ağva, which is among the first escape points for those who want to experience a quiet and calm accommodation without leaving Istanbul, Ağva Orman Evleri Forest Lodge draws attention with its stylishly decorated rooms and bungalow houses. Welcoming its guests with 12 rooms and 6 bungalows, the property provides service in half board concept for you to spice up your holiday with unique flavors among the pine forests. Other facilities offered by the facility include an outdoor swimming pool and an a la carte restaurant.

Villa Neva Hotel, where you can experience the unique nature of Bolu with the comfort of your own home and the luxury of a perfect holiday, serves with 9 carefully decorated rooms in its charming building. The property, which draws attention with its location where you can benefit from cycling and walking tracks, serves in the concept of bed and breakfast.

Welcoming its guests in Bayramiç, the striking point of Çanakkale with its breathtaking nature, Koç Thermal Facilities attract attention with its options that contribute to your health as well as a perfect nature holiday. Providing service in 24 comfortable rooms where you will be alone with nature, the property has 1 thermal pool. Koç Thermal Facilities serve its guests in bed and breakfast concept.

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In Kartalkaya, one of Bolu’s intertwined points with nature, you will witness special views in all four seasons of the year. Özcan Dağ Evi welcomes its guests with 16 rooms in its building in harmony with nature. Apart from 12 rooms, there are 4 bungalows in the facility. The property, which draws attention with its location close to the ski center, offers a half-board concept.