Kelleci Bay

The bay, whose real name is Kelleci Bay, is located right across Suluada. Apart from being a stopover point for tours, there is also a story of the sheep, which attracts the attention of archaeologists.

About 40 years ago, American archaeologists came to Kelleci Bay with the aim of carrying out the first underwater archaeological excavation in the world’s history and finding the Gelidonya Shipwreck. The bay, which has been the center of archaeological diving for many years, has become a base for American divers. For this reason, it has been called the American Bay since then.

Land access is blocked due to the rocks around the bay, which is 1 hour away from the Gelidonya Shipwreck. There are cliffs rising in the form of walls in the bay. The importance of these rocks is the fresh water source on them. The source provided water to the divers and archaeologists who camped in the area during the archaeological excavations, while also washing and desalinating the artifacts unearthed under the water.

As a result of the excavations, the Gelidonya Wreck, also known as the Phoenician Wreck, which was unearthed in 1960 and known to be from the Young Bronze Age, is now exhibited in the Bodrum Underwater Archeology Museum. Diving activities are also carried out in the American Bay, where beautiful shades of green and blue meet. You can contact the dive centers in Adrasan and Olympos and dive here.

American Bay is not included in the itinerary of every tour. If you want to come here, we recommend that you consider whether it is on the route when deciding on the tour you will choose. Like other bays, one of the most popular and one of the bays that can be included in your route depending on the tour you choose is Ceneviz Bay. At the foot of Mount Musa, facing the open sea, the bay is also called Porto-Geneviz Bay. Although construction is prohibited in the bay, which is located in the Beydağları National Park and is a natural protected area, unfortunately the prohibitions have been violated and this cove, which is a natural wonder, has been touched by human hands.

It is possible to camp in the cove, which has makeshift houses and living families. However, the most common complaint, especially by the people of the region, is that those who camp in Genoa Bay leave all their waste in the bay. Isn’t it ironic that these people, who supposedly love nature and camp to be alone with nature, do the worst harm to nature? There is a fresh water source for those who want to camp in Ceneviz Bay, but it takes about 5 hours to reach the bay on foot. It is not possible to reach the cove, which you can only reach on foot and by boat, by vehicle.

The castle ruins on a slope of the bay caused it to be called Porto-Geneviz Bay. It is known that the Genoese established trade colonies on the Mediterranean and Black Sea coasts in the 11th and 15th centuries, built castles or repaired the castles there. It is also possible to see the bay called Liar Bay just behind the Ceneviz Bay. Boats can also come here. Liar Bay and Genoese Bay are on the back row. If you are lucky, you can see Mediterranean Seals and Caretta Caretta turtles in both bays.

What makes Ceneviz Bay so popular among other bays is the mud found in the inner parts of the bay, which is believed to beautify… It is not known how much the mud beautifies, whether it benefits the body, but it is definitely a good marketing strategy…

Since the cove is surrounded by rocks on both sides, it has clear water without waves. You will be fascinated by the blueness of the water, and you will want to jump right in. But if you are going ashore, you should remember that there are pebbles. A pair of sea shoes that you will take with you will make you comfortable.

Forforlu Cave, which emerged with the merging of red pines and magnificent cliffs, is approximately 40 meters long. Tour boats enter the cave accompanied by lanterns. It is also possible to enter the cave by swimming through the rocks, but swimming is prohibited during the breeding season of the Mediterranean Seals. Inside the cave, there is also a small area such as a sandy room where you can stand.

This name was given because the rocks forming the walls of the cave are covered with phosphorus and shine brightly. We recommend that those who are afraid of closed spaces and the dark do not go, and do not choose the tours that include the cave in their route. However, the Phosphorus Cave, which is also very valuable geologically, is a place worth seeing. Particularly in the evening, you should join the tours specially organized here and see the awesome glow in the dark. One of the most important but lesser-known places in our country that adventure lovers should definitely explore is the Phosphorus Cave.



In this article we have compiled for those looking for information about the Yedigöller camping guide, you will find answers to many questions such as Yedigöller camping fee, Yedigöller National Park Trip and Yedigöller Tent Rental.

Bolu Yedigöller National Park was declared as a national park in 1965. In this 2.020 ha area, there is a breeding station for trout, endangered roe deer and deer. Yedigöller, which is home to many animals in the name of natural life protection, is very popular in the spring and autumn seasons.

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There are 7 lakes in Yedigöller. These are with their names; Büyükgöl, Serin Lake, Derin Lake, Nazlıgöl, Küçük Göl, İnce Lake and Sazlı Lake. You can camp in the best area suitable for you around the lake sides. So, what should we pay attention to when camping in Yedigöller? Let’s examine it together.

When we search the internet for the Yedigöller campground, different experiences and lots of photos come out. However, there are problems about which lake these photos belong to. In order to prevent this, a brief description of the lakes and their evaluation in terms of their suitability for your Yedigöller camping tour activity are made in the explanations below. Now it will be easier to find the lake and location you want while camping.

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The largest of the lakes in Yedigöller National Park is Büyükgöl. The deepest part of Büyükgöl is 15 meters. It is used for breeding live trout in Büyükgöl. The first live trout breeding station in our country was established here in 1969.

Büyükgöl is the most striking one among other lakes with its view. The majority of those who want to make a camping tour in Yedigöller camp around this lake. However, you may have difficulty finding a flat surface because the ground is uneven and the interest is very high. For this, you can try to find suitable areas for camping by wandering around Büyükgöl.

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Derin Lake, located in the southeast of Büyükgöl, is 20m. It is connected to Büyükgöl with its long flowing part. Angling can be done for a fee in Büyükgöl and Derin Göl each year in May and September. Büyükgöl and Derin Lake are preferred for those who will camp in Yedigöller national park during these periods. In this way, you can both do angling among the unique natural beauty and have a nice camping activity.

The lake with the widest plateau is Nazlıgöl. Nazlıgöl is also called “Şafall Lake” because the copious amounts of water leaking from its bottom rise to the surface and form a waterfall.

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Nazlı Göl takes the first place in the search for the most suitable camping area in Yedigöller. This region is quieter and more peaceful than other lakes. It is a very suitable camping area where you will experience nature, unique forest scenery and silence together. You can get the opportunity to protect yourself against the cold by entering the light forest around the lake.

Yedigöller is home to a wonderful view in autumn and spring. While the hues of autumn and thousands of leaves falling around are flying in the sky with the wind, 40 shades of green in spring fascinate you. While autumn is the ideal time between October and November, the spring time April is quite suitable.

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Since Yedigöller is located in the Western Black Sea region, the winter seasons are quite rainy and cold. The roads closed in winter and the curved mountain road make it a bit difficult to reach here. But let’s not forget that Yedigöller looks great with its white dress in the winter season.

The Yedigöller camp fee above is based on seasonal prices. If the prices are updated additionally, it can play a difference between 3 and 5 TL. Considering the many camping areas, the Bolu Yedigöller camping fee is actually more affordable than many camping areas. In addition, there is no parking fee for the people who will be camping.

It is collected at the entrance of Yedigöller, as well as by an officer who sometimes happens to your tent. After making the payment, you will be given a receipt. By keeping this receipt, you can show the receipt that you have made the payment to other future attendants. It is also useful to point out again that;

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Bolu Yedigöller Camping Fee is collected according to the number of tents. If you want to be in a tent, you can be 10 people, but the amount you will pay is 25 TL for students and 14.5 TL for students. Therefore, do not go 10 people and set up 10 tents. You can reduce the price per person by setting up as few tents as possible.

Unfortunately, Yedigöller camping tent rental service is not available. For this reason, people who will camp in this region should bring their own tents. Let’s go and see, let’s see if we like it, don’t think that we can find a tent and stay and regret it later. You should definitely put your tent in the trunk of your vehicle in case you go to this area.