Camping Equipment

In the Yedigöller national park, wood is sold in the areas designated for the campfire. However, if the contracts of the markets are over and they do not have wood, unfortunately, it becomes very difficult to find wood. You can get your wood from the fallen trees with the help of a camping saw. However, since Yedigöller is in a region that is very suitable for precipitation, there will probably be age on these fallen trees. If you are coming with your vehicle, make sure to keep dry wood in your trunk. In this way, you can light the fire and dry the wet wood. If you are looking for information about the camping saw you will need to cut dry trees, you can read our article “Camping Equipment”.

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Campfires in Yedigöller are not allowed in all regions. Generally, you can light your fire in the cans given by the officials or left to the environment. Ground fire is strictly prohibited. You can also light your materials such as camping stove and camping tube after 19:00 in the evening. Do not forget that Yedigöller is a natural habitat. The slightest mistake you make during the campfire here can cause serious damage to nature and the animals living here.

We can say that the most suitable region for the Yedigöller camping area is the area close to the forest at the back of Büyükgöl. Since people are usually busy setting up their tents just around the lake, this area remains quite empty. The most important factor in choosing this area should be the balconies. In some regions, the plains formed on the gentle ramp are like the balcony of the forest. By setting up your tent on these balconies, you can stay away from people, as well as watch the view of the lake without being blocked, and experience the peace with all your feelings.

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In the same way, there are also such regions around other lakes. To identify these areas, all you have to do is walk around a bit. After determining the most suitable area for you, you can easily set up your camping tent.

Yedigöller Campground – Water, Toilet and Electricity Needs There are plenty of fountains near the Yedigöller campground where you can meet your water needs. You can get as much water as you need from these fountains. The toilet is very close to your campsite. Since Yedigöller is very busy during the day, you can wait in lines here and encounter some unhygienic events. In the evenings, you can meet your needs without waiting in line. However, when you go with you, be sure to bring your supplies such as liquid soap and napkins. Otherwise, you may experience problems.

Unfortunately, there are no panels for electricity needs. You can charge your phone by asking the businesses around or from the sockets in the toilets. However, you should always have a powerbank with you just in case. Yedigöller is a natural habitat. Hunting of animals is strictly prohibited here. Therefore, many kinds of animals can be found in the environment. However, animals generally stay as far away from human, fire and light areas as possible.

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After midnight, to satisfy my curiosity, I dived into the forest with my camp mate and took a night walk. In the meantime, although some small animals appeared before us, those who saw the light were already running away. After we had taken quite a distance, we started to hear soft humming noises in the depths of the forest, and we turned back. But to hear these sounds, we traveled a distance of about half an hour from our campsite. So the animals will not come easily. Animals such as Fox and Jackal may come close, but they are absolutely harmless. They do nothing but frighten you with their voices alone.

We were lucky again in this regard that we saw an otter in the lake. The night water came out of it and scared us a lot. But when you stay calm and act rationally, there is nothing to be afraid of. Yedigöller National Park is located in the Western Black Sea region, north of Bolu, south of Zonguldak and east of Düzce. There are several different ways to reach this region. As there is transportation from Bolu Mengen district, transportation can be provided by Yeniçağa and other separated roads. You can find out the answer to the question of how to get to Yedigöller in the next statement.

The answer to the question of how to get to Yedigöller may actually vary depending on your location and the route you will follow. If you are setting off from Istanbul, you can continue until the Bolu signboard, and after entering the Yeniçağa turn, follow the Mengen road to reach Yedigöller. There are other routes and roads. However, these ways are not very good, but not very reliable. As someone who has used these ways, let’s not mention that we try not to deviate from the normal way as much as possible.