You will reach Suluada after approximately 30-40 minutes by boats departing from Adrasan. The first stop in Suluada will be the point where the healing water of Suluada, which is a natural wonder, comes out. This water, coming from the Taurus Mountains, comes to the surface over Suluada, which is 15 kilometers away from the land, by the path it finds under the ground and under the sea. Fresh water in the middle of the sea…

The water, which has been used as a source of fresh water by sailors in the region for years, is believed to be healing. The taste of the water, which is said to be good especially for those who have kidney stones and other kidney ailments, is quite good and makes you relax under the heat of Antalya, as it is ice-cold.

The healing water comes out of a region on the island where there are cliffs. Boats dock at the rocky part, but during peak periods, 10 boats can dock at the same time, which can cause a minor confluence. To reach the healing water, you first have to swim in the sea and walk on the rocks. As the sea is deep and the rocks can be dangerous, we recommend that those who cannot swim should not try to reach the water. It is a good idea to take a pair of sea shoes with you to move comfortably on the rocks. You can also take it with you when you reach the water, do not forget to take an empty bottle for this.

Another stop of your Suluada boat tour is Suluada Front Beach, one of the two beaches in Suluada. Boats anchor at Suluada Front Beach and take a break of approximately 2-3 hours. The sea is a bit choppy on this windy beach of Suluada. The boats can change the break time here according to the wind and wave conditions.

When you come to the beach, the first thing that welcomes you will be the blue waters, the color of which you cannot believe. There may even be those who scream with excitement, do not be afraid. Of course, there is only one reason why the water looks so turquoise and that is the white sands! If you are wondering how he can be so white, his explanation is as follows:

Suluada, which is a natural reef region, is one of the richest regions of Turkey in terms of biodiversity. Apart from the rock structure containing calcium carbonate, the sands look so white thanks to the microorganisms called Foraminifera that live on the sands. Suluada, which is not allowed to be built on, is an ecologically well-preserved region. However, the fact that it has become very popular in recent years is very worrying about the deterioration of the natural structure.

At Suluada Front Beach, you can enjoy the sun and the deep blue view by throwing your towel on the white sands. After the swimming break at the front beach, your next stop is Suluada Back Beach, which is located behind Suluada and is more secluded, without wind and waves. What we said about the front beach, a blue sea that you can’t believe the tone of, and white sands will be waiting for you here as well. Since Suluada Arka Beach is located in the interior, it does not get wind and provides a great swimming pleasure thanks to its stagnant water.

Moreover, thanks to the white sands, you can easily watch under the water, you should definitely take your goggles with you when you come to the beach! Due to the lack of wind, a lunch break is also given here. Diving in turquoise waters, sunbathing on the white sands, taking wonderful photos, and feeding yourself with Mediterranean fish, here is a lot of beauty waiting for you at Suluada Arka Beach… Boat tours in Suluada have more than one route. All boats stop at Suluada, but they have different routes for other bays. One of the bays that can be included in your route according to the tour you choose is Hacivat Bay.

Enjoy the deep waters in Hacivat Bay, which has a perfect turquoise hue, or just watch the beauty of the landscape. After Suluada, you can be sure that you will see the most beautiful turquoise color among the bays in the region. Due to the cliffs on the shore, the boats anchor in the open and take a swimming break. Hacivat Bay is not on the route of every tour, if you want to come here, do not forget to consider this detail when choosing your tour!

The bay takes its name from the fact that the rocks on the shore resemble Hacivat’s hood. In the bay, which has a depth of at least 10 meters, you have the chance to see many species of living things, from various fish to sea plants. Of course, goggles are a must for this! You will be impressed by its smooth, deep and clear waters…