However, the leaves of the daisy were still standing. Daisy sees the bee again and realizes that she
is trying to find flowers to make honey. However, there was only one daisy left in the flower garden
that did not fade. The bee approaches the daisy to land, but the daisy prevents it. The bee, who is

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quite surprised by this situation, says to the daisy; – Why are you preventing me from being landed,
He says, I have to land on you so that I can make honey. In response to the bee’s words, the daisy
reminds the bee, who treated him arrogantly before, what they did to him. When the bee
remembers his mistake, he gets very angry with himself. Later, he apologizes to the daisy for this
wrong move. The bee, who made the

daisy very upset and mistreated due to its arrogance, became
dependent on the daisy in order to make honey. Accepting the bee’s regret and apology, the daisy
forgives the bee for what it has done. Forgiving the bee, the chamomile allows it to be placed on it so
that it can make honey. The bee, who is very happy with this situation, wants to realize the dream
that the daisy wanted from him before. He takes the daisy into the air to show the beauties of the


world. We will tell a story that is a very good lesson for your children. One day, a young man of
marriageable age had a desire to marry like everyone else. When he wanted to bring this issue to his
family, his father made the following speech to the boy: “Son, of course you can get married too. If
he brings me a piece of gold that you have earned with your own hard work, I will get you married

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immediately.” The boy smiled at his father’s words. What an easy thing to say, my father thought.
The next day, the boy fulfilled his father’s promise and brought that gold to his father. His father
threw this gold he had taken from his son into the river without thinking. After looking at his father
for a long time in surprise, the young man turned to his father and asked: “Daddy, I can get married

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now, right? “His father shook his head: “No, son. I told you to bring that gold with your own sweat
and effort, but you did not bring it with your own sweat, he told me that gold.” The next day, the boy
borrowed a piece of gold from his mother and took it back to his father. When his father saw the
gold, he threw it back into the river. The young man was very surprised and said: “Why are you doing
this, Dad, I still don’t understand, but I brought you a piece of gold and I can get married now.” The
father did not allow his son again and said to his son: “You did not earn this gold with your sweat,

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son.” The young man left his father for a long time. he thought. If he borrowed gold from someone
else and brought that gold to his father, his father would throw that gold back into the river, and the
young man would not be able to marry at this rate. Therefore, the young man decided to find a job
and earn that gold with his own hard work and sweat.Days passed, and the boy brought the gold he
had earned to his father. As always, his father took the gold in his hand and was throwing it into the
river when the boy excitedly grabbed his father’s hand. The boy cried out desperately:“No, dad, you

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can’t throw that gold into the river, I worked hard for that gold for days and said, I brought you that
gold.” The boy’s father put his hand on his son’s shoulder with a big smile on his face: “Son, you can
get married now because you know the value of this gold you earned with your sweat. and you will
spend this gold without splurge.” In this story, we clearly understand how valuable the hard-earned
gold is and that we should spend it thinking about the hardships we go through without splurge.
Stories usually describe events that are real or very close to reality. Although the stories first
emerged with the epics written, they have undergone many changes over time and have survived to
the present day. It was possible for the stories to become a literary text in the 19th century. In these
works, the human being is always in the foreground. There is a narrator who narrates the events and
situations. All the events in the stories take place in a certain time period and in a certain place.
Although today’s story types are written in a very short way, they are very intense works in terms of
narration. Stories can be written on many topics. All stories have a main idea and tell readers
something. They are loved by such readers because they are from life. A man was walking by the
ocean in the morning. Suddenly, he saw thousands of starfish wash up ashore. As he got closer, he
noticed a boy. The boy was taking the starfish one by one and taking them back to the sea.