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The blue tick is used as an indicator of the authenticity of accounts that are well-known by many on social media platforms. There are certain criteria for the feature, which is undoubtedly used as an indicator of prestige in the social media environment day by day. Twitter has announced the criteria for who can get the blue tick approval with an update.

Twitter shared the update on its information page.

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Social media platform Twitter shared an update on the criteria for getting a blue tick on its information page. The platform, which used to be very stingy for the badge, has recently been able to give it to the accounts that want it after a number of reviews. Twitter has clarified its verification rules and updated the list of criteria for getting a blue tick.

In the update it shared, Twitter listed the 3 most important criteria for blue tick approval as original, well-known and active account. In its update, the platform shared the steps required for individual account types such as active public figures, government agencies, news organizations, journalists and entertainment. Verifying identity is the first step to get the badge. The platform has specified 3 methods for this.

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Official website representing your Twitter account
Photo of an official identification document, such as a driver’s license or passport
An official email address with a domain related to the reputation category
Twitter has also listed which accounts are not eligible for a blue tick.

Parody, commentary and fan accounts
Accounts that seriously violate Twitter policies
Pets and fictional characters unless they are directly linked to verified business accounts
Accounts of individuals or groups linked to coordinated harmful activities or hateful content. In its update, Twitter also included information on the conditions under which the badge of the accounts that received the blue tick badge can be withdrawn. The platform said that they can remove the blue badge without any notice from accounts that are found to be seriously and intentionally violating the Twitter Rules. Here are those violations;

Impersonate or deliberately mislead people by changing your screen name or personal information on Twitter.
Serious violations resulting in immediate account suspension.
hate behavior
abusive behavior
glorifying violence
social cohesion policy
Confidential information policy
Platform manipulation and spam policy
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